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Ecuador Spanish Schools

About Us

Ecuador Spanish Schools is cooperation between the best Spanish Schools throughout Ecuador. It is founded by Manuel Bucheli, who is born and brought up in Ecuador.

He has been a Spanish teacher for 10 years in Quito and he knows all the ins and outs about Ecuador.

In the year 2000 he decided to start his own Spanish School on the coast in Manta. After 7 years he decided to start another Spanish School in the touristic place Montañita, which was immediately a big success, but Manuel wanted to offer the students more, so that they could explore whole Ecuador. That is why he begancollaboration with other Spanish.

Schools in Quito, Cuenca and the Amazon in 2008, to start the Traveling Classroom program.

Ecuador Spanish Schools

Ecuador Spanish Schools offers a unique way to learn Spanish in Ecuador. Immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian culture and the Spanish language and explore the natural and cultural diversity and wealth of the country.

Our school provides a variety of programs at schools in five different locations throughout Ecuador: The capital and historic centre Quito, the historical colonial city Cuenca, the Amazon jungle, with fascinating wild life, the coast side Manta, with beautiful beaches and the surf paradise Montañita. Go kite surfing, surfing, volunteering, get cooking classes, dancing classes and much more!

Nowadays the Traveling Classroom is one of the most popular programs. The program is very diverse with every week other activities and another place, so students will never get bored. Have an unforgettable time and make lots of new friends, while learning Spanish in one of the best language schools in Ecuador. Just choose the school that suits your particular needs the best. Do you want to see more of Ecuador? Then the Traveling Classroom is the ideal option for you.

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Why choose us

our superiority

Unique cultural immersion experience

Our school offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Ecuadorian culture while learning Spanish. Students have the opportunity to explore the country's natural and cultural diversity, enriching their language learning experience in an authentic and meaningful way.

Variety of locations in cities in Ecuador

With programs available in five different locations in Ecuador, from the bustling capital of Quito to the paradisiacal beaches of Montañita, we offer students the opportunity to choose the environment that best suits their interests and preferences. Whether you prefer the history and colonial architecture of Cuenca or the lush Amazon jungle, there is a location for everyone.

Exciting extra activities

In addition to language classes, we offer a variety of exciting extracurricular activities, such as cooking classes, dance classes and volunteering opportunities. These activities not only complement language learning, but also give students the opportunity to further immerse themselves in Ecuadorian culture and make new friends.

Popularity and reputation

Our school is recognized as one of the best language institutions in Ecuador. With a focus on quality teaching and a wide range of innovative programs, our students can be confident that they will receive a first-class education and an unforgettable experience when choosing Ecuador Spanish Schools.

Especial programs

Our special programs
Spanish and KiteSurf

Spanish and KiteSurf

Students discover Spanish culture and learn kite boarding in one of the best places for practicing this amazing sport: Santa Marianita (just 15 minutes by car from Manta). The program includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons (individual or group) + kite boarding Basic course (8 to 10 hours – Level 1)
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Traveling Classroom

The traveling classroom is a unique way to combine learning Spanish while traveling through Ecuador and see all the highlights of the country. It guarantees a lot of fun and exciting adventures. This 4-week program combines four different locations across whole Ecuador.