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Cuenca, learn and enjoy!

About Cuenca

Get to know the wonderful city of Cuenca

Cuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador, surrounded by the Andean Mountains. It is undoubtedly the centre of culture and art in Ecuador.

The impressive churches in the old centre are dating back to the 16th to 17th century; this is the city of churches with 52 churches, one for every Sunday! Being in the historical centre, you might get the impression that time has stood still. The inhabitants of Cuenca are conservative, traditions and customs are connected to a modern life in a harmonizing way.

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Special programs

Our special programs
Spanish and KiteSurf

Spanish and KiteSurf

Students discover Spanish culture and learn kite boarding in one of the best places for practicing this amazing sport: Santa Marianita (just 15 minutes by car from Manta). The program includes 20 hours of Spanish lessons (individual or group) + kite boarding Basic course (8 to 10 hours – Level 1)
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Traveling Classroom

The traveling classroom is a unique way to combine learning Spanish while traveling through Ecuador and see all the highlights of the country. It guarantees a lot of fun and exciting adventures. This 4-week program combines four different locations across whole Ecuador.